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Hot Glue to Hang Christmas Lights.

Lots of men and women wonder just how, as expert installers, we’re ready to rapidly attach Christmas-lights to brick, concrete or stucco. These surfaces can be difficult to work with time-consuming to put in. This really is really where sexy paste comes from. Using hot glue to add lights into solid, non-toxic surfaces is very quick, straightforward and rather effective. Such an installment application functions best with the large C7 or C9 lights.┬áIf you have no good practice & idea Glue to Hang Christmas Lights then you can find Queen Creek AZ Christmas light installation who provides quality services.

The movie below will outline the elementary supplies, techniques and tools utilized when using hot adhesive to hang Christmas lights onto a solid surface.

Objects Utilised Inside This job:

C9 Empty Socket Light Line (12″ spacing)
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks (8″)
C9 LED Bulbs
Slide On Vampire Plugs

A few additional notes about when not to use hot paste:
While we’re a major fan of sexy paste, you will find a number of situations where you shouldn’t make use of it. Surfaces which can be painted will peel if hot glue is put on. High-end painted surfaces are best. If it regards using hot paste on stucco surfaces, you need to be somewhat watchful. In case the surface is stable stucco, then the heat from the adhesive is not an issue, but these days lots of the stucco surfaces have become slim and possess a styrofoam backing that will melt if a very hot adhesive is used.

You can tell whether or not it’s backed by styrofoam or when it truly is stronger by gently tapping on the stucco. This can let you know whether or not it really is fine to make use of hot paste. If the surface is indeed backed with styrofoam, then it is best to work with a more watertight melting warm adhesive using a reduce temperature gun in addition to a paste that’s less retaining power hence that it’s much easier to eliminate the lights without any destructive the stucco.